Affordable Housing

Over 600,000 thousand people experienced homelessness in America in 2022 and over 200,000 were women. Almost 30,000 people were homeless in 2022 just in Texas. Of that, Black and Hispanic women are still in the top percentage. 61% of women in Texas received shelter from homeless and or transitional homes and in 2022 that number increased by 3%. In 2022 assault increased by 14% in Texas and lastly, 1 and 3 women in Texas will experience domestic violence in their life.

After years of trying to help local women get off the streets and find transitional housing, Redeemed Women is taking a new approach.

Life at The Well Capital Campaign

In June 2023, we announced an initiative to provide affordable housing called Life at The Well. Our vision is to create a safe and affordable communal home that aligns with the Redeemed Women value system. We want women to build their independence, strengthen their relationships with others, and experience spiritual formation that shifts the trajectory of their lives.

Building housing for single women in transition is a responsive action to what we see our community needs. Not long after announcing the campaign and gathering support, Redeemed Women acquired two parcels of land. Not only is the land in the Fair Park neighborhood of South Dallas, but both lots are located at 1900 & 1904 Trunk Ave right behind The Well, our office and program center.

As we move into planning and construction, your support for this effort is greater than ever.

Here are 6 ways you can help:

  • Make a special donation towards our Capital Campaign. In the memo section, please note “Life at The Well.” (Give online or mail your check today; it’s all tax-deductible.)
  • Consider becoming a monthly partner. Visit the donate page or have your bank auto-draft your reoccurring gift.
  • Consider shopping our everyday wishlist on Amazon.
  • Come see what God has already done. Schedule to tour The Well and see the property where our future safe and affordable housing will be built. Plus, learn more about the South Dallas, Fair Park, and Bonton communities.
  • Lastly, come volunteer your time. We also have a need for remote volunteers and those with special skills. Contact us