While serving as an urban missionary in 2017, Aelicia “Chocolate” Watson witnessed the challenges and unaddressed needs facing women within South Dallas’ Bonton community due to generational poverty. God called her to serve.

Hearing from women in crisis, seeing their pain and suffering, and coming to understand the hopelessness and despair they face, God called her to minister.

Having emerged from the same background and knowing the challenges women face firsthand, God called Chocolate to share her story.

God gave me the vision and desire to remain in the community and work with women to equip them with the tools and resources to rise above their surroundings, value their lives, know their worth, see their beauty, and empower them to be vibrant women serving others and giving back to their neighbors and community.

Together we will meet women where they are in life and help them reach their potential. As the Lord redeems, restores, revives and renews, my desire and vision is for ALL women to become passionate women, complete in Christ, full of hope and joy.